Painting and decorating of house

The Work

Now that we're getting closer to the end of the project and all the rooms have been plastered, the painting and decorating can begin.

Clearly the first thing to do was choose the colours.  We spent a couple of evenings looking through the various paint brochures - Crown, Dulux, Farrow and Ball, etc.  Once we'd narrowed it down a bit Diana took a trip to Homebase and came back with what seemed like their entire stock of paint samples!  There must have been at least 30! 

The good thing about having so many samples though is that when we went round to the house and started painting them on the wall, we at least were able to make all our choices in one go.  We went to the house on the afternoon of Sunday 8 July and painted patches of colour all over the house!

The Results

James the painter (not me!) started work on Tuesday 31 July.  By the time we went round on Wednesday 1 August, the first coat had been done in the 3 bedrooms, the downstairs bathroom and the banisters.

We ended up choosing Dulux paints (on the advice of Anthony - he doesn't use anything else!), but one thing we've learnt is that the paint colours in the brochure look nothing like the samples once they're painted on the wall, and to a certain extent, the samples look nothing like the real thing once it's painted on an entire wall.  Which almost sounds like I'm making excuses for the colours we've chosen!  You be the judge...

In Bedroom 2 we've gone for three walls of Natural Wicker with a feature wall opposite the fireplace of Soft Cinnebar 1.


In the Main Bedroom we've also gone for Natural Wicker on 3 walls and then Intense Truffle on the feature wall opposite the windows.  You have to wonder who comes up with these names!

For the downstairs bathroom we've chosen Daffodil White.

By Friday 3 August, the Intense Truffle wall in the Main Bedroom had its first coat.

Bedroom 2 had also had a second coat.

On Thursday 9 August James painted the first coat in the hallway, up the stairs and on the landing.  This is all Natural Callico, and although it doesn't come out so well on the photos below, it looks great in real life!

By Saturday 18 August, the painting in the Main Bedroom had been completed.

As had the painting in Bedroom 2.