Increasing size of bathroom and fitting new suite

The Work

It's fair to say that when we bought the house, the bathroom was not a place you'd go to get clean.  It was pretty nasty and I like to think of it as the "CSI bathroom" with its crime tape on the toilet, the sink and the door handle!

The plan was to completely overhaul the bathroom by extending it out slightly into the 3rd bedroom, enlarging and replacing the window, installing underfloor heating and fitting a brand new bathroom suite. 

The Results

The first job was to rip out the existing bathroom and take down the walls and ceilings.  By Saturday 17 March 2007 this is how the bathroom looked.



The wall of the bathroom was then shifted 700mm into the third bedroom in order to make the bathroom more of a decent size.  The window was also enlarged and a new frosted window fitted at the same time as all the other windows were done.

By Saturday 5 May the walls were starting to come back up again, although you may still spot a hole...

Once the walls had been finished and the plastering done on 3 walls of the room, there was a bit of a pause in work on the bathroom.

By Tuesday 17 July some of the pipework had been done for the sink and the bath.

The bath had also been delivered, but hadn't quite yet been put in the correct place.

However, by a week later on Tuesday 24 July, the bath was in its rightful place and the bath filler had also been fitted.

All the remaining bathroom fittings have also now been delivered to the house so hopefully there will be some good progress in this room over the next week or so.

Indeed, by Thursday 26 July the sink and the drawer unit had been fitted.  Anthony has also made a concealed cabinet above the sink. 

The pipework for the shower is now also in place.

By Friday 3 August the towel rail had been fitted.

Anthony started the tiling on Monday 6 August and this is how it looked at the end of the day.

The wall tiles were all up in a couple of days so Anthony could then work on the underfloor heating.  All the wiring was laid on the floor by Saturday 11 August.

This meant that on Monday 13 August Anthony could lay the floor tiles.  I went round later that evening to see how they looked.  Unfortunately Anthony had used the wrong tiles!  We'd chosen chocolate brown square tiles for the floor, but Anthony had used the same rectangular beige tiles as were on the wall.  There quickly followed a call to Anthony to point out the mistake and to see what could be done about it.  Anthony immediately realised that he'd used the wrong tiles and said that he would come round straight away to take them up.  However, there was a risk that taking them up would damage the underfloor heating system and so, in the interests of saving time and the fact that Anthony offered to take a bit of money off the final bill, we agreed to keep the tiles as they were.

Although we weren't convinced with the look of having the whole room in the same tile, by the time they had been grouted on Thursday 15 August, they didn't look too bad.  In fact the tiles look better on the floor than they do on the wall!