Repair and renovation of fireplaces

The Company

While Anthony's team will strip down and repaint the two upstairs fireplaces, the main lounge fireplace will be renovated by Peco of Hampton, an established, family-run business started over 30 years ago who specialise in period fireplaces and doors.
The Work

We were lucky that there were three original fireplaces in the house when we bought it.  We decided to keep them and get them renovated.  However there is definitely one fireplace that we got rid of straight away.  So green, so nasty!

The remaining fireplaces were in the dining room...

The second bedroom...

And the main bedroom...

The Results

The fireplaces in the two bedrooms were kept in place and will be stripped and repainted when the decorating gets done.  These fireplaces will just be decorative and will not be used and so no renovation is required.

We decided to take the fireplace that was in the dining room and move it to the space that was left in the lounge.  The fireplace was taken out in early June 2007 and can be seen below.

The rear of the fireplace was quite badly damaged as you can see below.

On Monday 10 July 2007, Peco of Hampton came round and took the fireplace back to their workshop to be renovated.  However, after Peco's initial inspection it was decided that the inner part of the fireplace was actually too damaged to be used as a working fireplace. 

Therefore this inner section is going to be removed, the outer framework will be renovated and then we will fit a fire basket into the hole in the chimney breast.  That probably doesn't make much sense, but hopefully once the fireplace has been returned by Peco and fitted, the pictures will show exactly what I mean!

By Wednesday 1 August, the fireplace in Bedroom 2 had been stripped and repainted.  It now looks pretty smart.

By Friday 3 August, the fireplace in the Main Bedroom was in a similar condition.

Since Peco took the main fireplace away on 10 July, they have stripped and polished the original surround and made repairs to the damaged leg.  We have also chosen the new basket that will sit in the fireplace.

On Tuesday 21 August Dave from Peco came round to the house to fit the repaired surround, as well as the new slate hearth and the slate slips.  It took just over half the day, but by the time we went round in the evening, the finished results looked very impressive.  It certainly looks very different from the turquoise version that was in the house when we first bought it!

The basket hasn't arrived at Peco yet, so Diana is due to pick it up from the shop on Friday.