Boiler and central heating system

The Work

One of the many things that the house lacked when we bought it was a central heating system.  So rather than rely on the fireplaces, we thought we should get a boiler and a few radiators fitted.

Anthony chose the boiler for us and went for a Vaillant 
ecoTEC plus 831 combination boiler which delivers top SEDBUK Band 'A' rated fuel efficiency and powerful DHW performance.  This model also comes complete with Vaillant's 'AquaComfort' system. This incorporates a warmstart facility, providing instantaneous hot water delivery and a controlling system to ensure a constant hot water temperature.

There will also be 8 new radiators with end covers and grills throughout the house.

The Results

Anthony started work on the installation of the central heating system on Tuesday 17 July 2007 and a lot of progress has already been made in just one day.

Here's a picture of the new boiler fitted in the kitchen.  Once the kitchen is fitted, the boiler will be housed within a cupboard out of sight.  The wall behind the boiler is really dark because the plaster is still fresh.

All the radiators have been fitted in the bedrooms.  These photos show the two radiators in the bay window of the main bedroom and the radiator in the second bedroom.

On the ground floor only the radiator in the lounge was fitted on the first day, but the others in the dining room, hallway and kitchen should be done tomorrow, Wednesday 18 July 2007.

On Wednesday 18 July 2007 the dining room radiator was fitted.

As was the radiator in the hallway.

The final radiator in the kitchen was fitted on Thursday 19 July 2007.  When the concrete floor was laid in the extension I did wonder what the two planks of wood were for.  But now it's clear, they were used to leave a space in the concrete for the radiator pipework to be fitted.  Clever stuff!

Although the radiators had been fitted to the walls, most of them hadn't been connected up.  By Saturday 29 July 2007 a lot of the pipework had been done throughout the house.  In particular a lot of pipes had been laid below the kitchen floor.