Kitchen extension into side return

Progress as at 30 June 2007

Thanks to a brief break in all the recent bad weather, the framework of the glass roof has now finally gone up.

Progress as at 4 July 2007

The other side of the French doors has now finally been fitted. 

There is some new brickwork at the top of the extension wall.  The window frame is also in, ready for the big picture window to be fitted.  The glass for the window and the roof is due to arrive on Friday 6 July 2007, so depending on time of arrival, I guess it won't be fitted until the following Monday.

Progress as at 10 July 2007

Just as I was starting to think the roof was going to take longer than the one at the new Wembley stadium, I went round tonight and some of the glass has now been fitted.

The three windows nearest to the front of the house are now fitted and it's all starting to look good.  I hope that tomorrow they will be able to finish the rest of the windows and finally the kitchen will be watertight!

Work has also started on fitting the plasterboard throughout the kitchen this week.  Almost the whole room has been done on Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully Wednesday will also see the plastering start.

Progress as at 15 July 2007

We went back round to the house on Wednesday evening and the rest of the roof had been fitted, however as I turned the camera on to take a few shots, the battery died!  We didn't get back round to the house again until Sunday 15 July 2007, but by then the picture window at the end of the extension had also been fitted and the kitchen was finally secure and water tight. 

This meant that the builders had been able to take down all of the boarding that had been used to close off the extension from the rest of the house.  Even better it means that I no longer have to dismantle the boarding to get through into the kitchen anymore!

Anyway here are some shots of the completed windows.

 Amazingly, we even had a bit of sunshine while we we there.

The concrete floor has also been done.

A shot of the extension from the back garden.


And a shot looking through into the extension from the front of the house.  Although it's a bit too bright to see properly.